Landscape Gardener. Maintaining landscaped grounds.

It’s a simple pleasure walking over a manicured lawn, admiring the work of your landscape gardener for the different seasons in the garden of your hedged plants across to your vegetable garden ready for harvesting, one which some Canberrans are missing out on. Let’s see How to Maintaining landscaped grounds and let you know our landscape Gardener in Canberra.

Gardener’s are used in the practical aspects of horticulture which generally means garden maintenance and lawn care, we carry out weeding, planting, pruning and watering as well as the general maintenance and work on the appearance of the grounds and gardens.

Normal duties include preparation work for planting, holes and trenches, soil conditioning, compost and mulching. The planting of trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and lawns. Maintenance up keep of landscape gardens by weeding, pruning, hedging, lawn mowing and edging, removal of dead flowers and foliage. The use of insecticides and pesticides for treating pests, fertilisers for the needs of growth.

Some articles below;

10 steps to a productive vegetable garden.

The different seasons in the garden.

Lawn Care and Maintenance, Watering, Fertilising, Mowing.

Soil Conditioning and Mulching.

Hedging and Pruning.

Topics within the articles;

Local varieties of vegetables.

Plant at the right time.

Prepare the soil properly before sowing.


Clear the weeds.

Lawn Cutting.

When to cut your grass.

Lawn fertilisation.

Moss and weeds in the lawn.

Coring and Top Dressing Lawns.

Soil conditioning.