Landscaping Quotes

Landscaping Quotes – JPB Group provides a free quoting service or a consultation with a small fee.

Landscaping quotes or a consultation, JPB Group’s landscaping services are divided into specialised teams for different areas of works. JBP group can create your own landscape dream from start to finish or you can choose a single facet of landscaping work.

Free Quote

A free quote can be provided via email, where we ask you provide measurements of your area, an idea of materials you want to use and photos if applicable, then we can provide you a ballpark figure via email. Provided this figure is within your budget we will come out and confirm measurements then give you a firm quote within a few days and commence work within 4 weeks.

Onsite Quote and Consultation

An onsite visit can be booked initially to discuss ideas and need more of a consultation as you don’t really know what you want, this comes at a $128 charge that is deducted from your final invoice for works completed.

This landscaping quote service is designed for:

    • Domestic work 2 days or more in duration.
    • Commercial works.
    • Building works.
Landscaping Quotes


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