Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services with the JPB Group, Landscaping Canberra for the past decade.

The JPB Group specialise in providing landscaping services with the right people and equipment for the job. At The JPB Group we use a team of trained professionals who provide expert advice and deliver the highest quality of work. Our staff will take into account your project, your budget and your vision. From the start our aim has always been to provide a quality service tailored to your needs. We do not want to be the biggest business, we do want to be the best. The JPB Group can provide an extensive range of professional landscaping services for all your residential or commercial needs. Our landscaping services are divided into teams for different areas of your works. This allows the client to choose a single facet of landscaping or trust the JBP group to complete your whole project.

Landscapers Canberra

Landscapers work on the installation of landscape products and materials. We specialise in landscape construction such us swimming pools, driveways, retaining walls, fences, new turf areas and maintenance works.

Paving and Pavers Canberra

Paving Canberra is the supply and installation of pavers.  For any areas driveways, vehicle cross-overs, pedestrian areas and pathway. We supply and install concrete pavers, clay pavers, stone pavers like travertine and bluestone pavers. JPB Group supplying landscape materials to our contractors. Paving Canberra installing pavers and paving repair for all your paving needs.

Fencing and Fences Canberra

Fences and Fencing is the supply and installation of fences. Colorbond fences and gates. Glass fences with soft closing gates, predrilled panels and custom panels. Pool Fencing panels and gates to Australian pool standards. Tubular fencing in colour bond colours.

Retaining Walls Canberra 

Retaining Walls is the supply and installation of retaining walls. Rock walls, stone walls, concrete sleeper walls, garden walls and steps. Rockwall supply, and installation of sandstone rock walls and bluestone walls. Garden block walls installing garden block walls to the ACT. Block Walls installing concrete block walls and garden block walls in Canberra.

Gardeners Canberra 

Landscape Gardener maintaining landscaped grounds is the grass roots of the JPB Group. We provide yearly garden maintenance packages, lawn mowing and green waste removal. Lawn Mowing Canberra provides a complete lawn care service, Garden Maintenance Canberra providing a Garden maintenance service and Green Waste Removal Canberra providing a Green Waste Removal service.

Excavation Canberra

Excavation Canberra focus on the preparation work for landscaping. Site cuts for retaining wall work. Level areas for paving, concrete or new turf. Cut and fill preparation for landscaping. Spreading and moving of soils and mulches. Disposal of rocks and soils. Excavation Canberra has 3 main services Mini Digger service, Bobcat service and a Excavator service.

With our range of personnel and equipment, we can take on any or all aspects of your landscaping. Landscaping works from design, construction to maintenance.

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Landscape Supplies Canberra

Landscape Supplies – JPB Group delivers project from start to finish.

Landscape supplies for Canberra, The JPB Group is Canberra locally owned Landscape business working through out the ACT region. JPB Group Canberra can provide the complete landscaping service from Landscape Supplies Canberra to Construction and Maintenance in the one package.

The JPB Group delivers landscape solutions to match the design of which the client has asked to create. JPB Group understands that landscaping your yard can be a daunting task, often it’s hard just knowing where to start. The team at JPB Group can help you plan, design and build your new retreat. Your vision can be created in one stage or many according to your budget. Whatever your greatest desire, you’ll be so proud to show your friends and family your newly created area that has become a personal extension of yourself. We always maintain a safe area of work, mindful of ourselves and the clients property.

Landscape Supplies
Stones, Soils, Mulches

JPB Group is a locally owned Landscape business, servicing the ACT in all areas of Landscape Supplies Canberra and Installation of products. Our clients are local, national and international with property interests in Canberra. Our Prices are visible on our websites

Landscape Supplies –Soils, Mulches, Turf, Pavers, Retaining Walls and Fences.

Landscape Garden Products

Large feature rocks.
Base and sub base materials for paving, concreting and foundations of small retaining walls. A compactable rock, stone or concrete aggregate.
Rocks and Pebbles in a variety of sizes and colours.
Soils for a variety of uses. Soil for vegetable gardens, soil for native gardens, soil for flowering garden beds and soil for new turf rolls.
Mulches and compost to improve your gardens wellbeing.
Turf rolls for lawn areas.

Retaining Wall Products

Sandstone rock for retaining retaining walls. Bluestone rock for retaining walls. Concrete post and sleepers. Retaining wall blocks plain grey or coloured with a textured face.


Concrete pavers in a variety of sizes, minimum 80mm in thickness for driveways. Concrete pavers in a variety of sizes, minimum 40mm in thickness for pedestrian walkways. Clay Pavers 230mm x 115mm x 50mm for pedestrian walkways. Stone Pavers in a variety of sizes and patterns, minimum 40mm in thickness for pedestrian walkways. Cobblestones in a variety of sizes and patterns, minimum 40mm in thickness for driveways and pedestrian walkways. Recycled Pavers, the Canberra red brick is the most common recycled paver and is always in high demand.


Colorbond fences 1.5 or 1.8 metres high. Colorbond gates made to measure, welded frame and powder coated. Glass fences in 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm thickness. Glass gates pre drilled and self closing hinge. Pool fences 1200mm high. Pool gates self closing hinges and child safety pool lock both to Australian pool safety standards.

Supply and Installation or Installation Only.

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Landscaping Quotes

Landscaping Quotes – JPB Group provides a range of quoting options.

Landscaping costs, quotes or a consultations we can help you. If you are just budgeting or ready start within a few weeks we will able to give you advice, price or a quotation. Fill in your details below and we look forward to working with you. JBP group looks forward to create your own landscape dream from start to finish or you can choose any facet of landscaping work for us to tender.

Ballpark Figure Quotes

If you can provide via email, measurements of your area and photos if applicable we can provide you a ballpark figure via email. If this figure is within your budget we will do an onsite visit for a free quote and commence works within 4 weeks.

Free Landscaping Quotes

Please let us know your availability between 6:30am and 2 pm weekdays for an onsite visit within a week of your enquiry. Confirming your area of landscaping we will submit a formal quote, valid for 4 weeks.

Onsite Consultation

An onsite consultation can be booked initially to discuss ideas and if you need more of a consultation as you don’t really know what you want, this comes at a $128 charge that is deducted from your final invoice for works completed.

This quote service is designed for:

    • Domestic work 5 days or more in duration.
    • Commercial works.
    • Building works.

Landscaping Quotes

Online Quotes – Contact Form:

Complete the form below with a description of your landscaping requirements and once submitted you will receive an automated response within minutes to attached any photo’s, landscape plans or to book in a date and time for an onsite quote.

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Contact Us

Contact Us: We welcome your interest in JPB Group

Contact Us for quotes, consultation and JPB Group accept EOI’s from interested suppliers and sub contractors in the delivery of our products and/or services. We will follow up those that qualify against our quality assurance criteria. Initial contact is via e-mail and once we are at the onsite meeting your details are added to the phone and your phone calls will be answered and returned.


Office: (02) 12345678

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E-Mail:  online quotes

Business Hours:

Monday to Friday:   7:00 am – 5:30 pm

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Business Location:

Australian Capital Territory 2600

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